Aluminium Extrusion Plant

Aluminium Extrusion Plant
Heated billets of aluminium alloy are pushed through a preheated die to create the required profile. Quenching is vital to ensure the finished product has the correct properties.

The process requires accurate temperature monitoring of both the billet and die, for efficiency and to prevent damage to the press. Quench and extrusion monitoring ensures consistent product quality.

With decades of experience and a global reputation for excellence, AMETEK Land provides dedicated solutions for each stage of the process. Our products offer the precision and rapid response your operation requires.
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    • Aluminium Extrusion - Billet

      The Aluminium Billet Thermometer (ABT) and SPOT AL EQS pyrometer provide fast, accurate temperature measurements for the surface of billets, reducing die wear, improving press efficiency and increasing product consistency.

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    • Aluminium Extrusion - Die

      The SPOT R160 thermometer measures the temperature of the die before press loading. This stops hot aluminium solidifying on contact with an under-heated die, causing a significant process stoppage.

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    • Aluminium Extrusion - Extrusion

      The SPOT AL EQS pyrometer uses pre-set, customisable algorithms to make aluminium temperature measurements throughout the extrusion process. Integrates with control systems, it ensures reliability and minimises scrap.

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    • Aluminium Extrusion - Quench

      The SPOT AL EQS pyrometer is suitable for critical quench exit measurements, verifying the cooling rate to ensure the correct hardness and tensile strength is maintained in the alloys.

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