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  • Application Webinar
    Advances in Non-Contact Temperature Measurement for Continuous Annealing and Galvanizing Lines

    1 Hr

    For AMETEK Land Sales Partners.
    Presented by Manfred Hayk, Global Infrared (IR) Product Manager.
    This webinar will introduce how advances in accurate non-contact temperature measurements for continuous annealing (CAL) and galvanizing (CGL) lines ensure required metal characteristics and surface conditions are achieved in steel production.

  • Product Webinar
    New Product Launch: SPOT GS - Steel Application Pyrometer for Galvannealed and Galvanized Strip

    1 hr

    For AMETEK Land Sales Partners.
    Presented by Fiona Turner, Physics Section Manager
    This webinar will introduce the new AMETEK Land SPOT GS, Steel Application Pyrometer for temperature measurement of Galvannealed and Galvanized Strip, which enables automated furnace management to provide close control of the reaction and position of the reaction zone, delivering tighter control of product quality.

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