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Storing materials for the hydrocarbon processing industry presents several challenges. Temperature monitoring is important, both for safety purposes and to prevent loss or degradation of the stored materials.

Thermal imaging provides a reliable monitoring system for many storage sites. Materials may be stored in solid, liquid and gas states, in a variety of storage systems, sometimes outside.

Such a diverse range of storage applications requires flexible solutions. AMETEK Land has decades of experience in supplying non-contact, infrared technology to the hydrocarbon processing industry, delivering versatile thermal imagers and dedicated measurement devices. With powerful software support, these products are supported by our extensive industry expertise.
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    • Storage - Sulpher Piles
      Sulphur Piles

      Because of their size and typically outdoor location, sulphur piles provide a challenge when it comes to thermal imaging. AMETEK Land recommends the LWIR-640 imager for safety monitoring in this application.

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