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Flare Stack Monitoring

Flare Stack Monitoring
By delivering accurate and reliable flare monitoring, the LWIR-640 thermal imager and IMAGEPro advanced thermal imaging software ensure that plants can meet flare stack emissions requirements in a safe and efficient operation.
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    Flare stacks are widely used in industries especially chemical, petrochemical and steel to safely dispose of excess gasses through combustion. These may be unwanted waste gases, or flammable gases released to prevent unplanned over-pressurising of plant equipment.

    Simply venting these untreated hydrocarbons into the air creates an environmental hazard. Burning these gases is less harmful – for example, if methane is burned to produce carbon dioxide and steam, it is less damaging than releasing methane. Environmental regulations require close monitoring of the flare stack to prevent pollutants, particularly unburned hydrocarbons, from entering the atmosphere.


    AMETEK Land’s ARC thermal imager produces high-resolution thermal images of any target, from any distance. This allows the flame to be monitored from a safe distance, ensuring the camera is not damaged by stack conditions and also making maintenance much safer and easier.

    Flare Stack Monitoring Application Note (EN)The imager produces a visual image, but also detects the infrared radiation emitted from the flame. This means the camera sees the flame whether it is coloured or clear, and whatever the weather.
    The ARC offers a wide detection range from 100 °C to 1000 °C (212 °F to 1832 °F), ensuring that accurate measurement is maintained even if there are fluctuations in the temperature of the flame. This range also ensures that background heat is ignored.

    Operating in ambient temperatures from -20 °C to 60 °C (-4 °F to 140 °F), makes LWIR-640 suitable for installation in almost any location.

    IMAGEPro is an innovative software utility used to control, monitor, analyse and capture data from thermal imaging cameras, up to 16 simultaneously.

    The software enables detailed visualisation of the thermal data and the ability to set alarms if the temperature falls too low, or in some cases rises too high. 

    AMETEK Land’s ARC and IMAGEPro thermal imaging solution provides the most accurate and reliable way to monitor the flame at the flare stack, and the pilot light.
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