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Iron to Steel

Iron to Steel
Steel is typically produced by heating iron and scrap steel in a furnace with oxygen. Temperature monitoring provides several benefits in process and quality control for steel manufacture.

The acknowledged leader in the field of industrial temperature measurement, We have supplied the iron and steel industry with cutting-edge equipment for more than 70 years. Today, we manufacture an extensive range of advanced instruments designed specifically for key applications within this industry.


Coke Oven Temperature Measurement - Application Note (EN)COKE OVEN TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT
High-quality metallurgical coke is a vital raw material for iron and steel production, affecting the furnace operation and standard of the hot metal. It is produced by heating coal in a coke oven in the absence of oxygen. Both the quality and quantity of coke, as well as the lifespan of the oven, depend upon uniform temperature levels, so these require close monitoring.

Molten Metal Escapes and Breakouts - Application NoteMOLTEN METAL ESCAPES AND BREAKOUTS
The escape or breakout of molten metal is a highly important safety consideration in all metal manufacturing industries, particularly steelmaking. The extremely high temperatures involved make any breakout of molten metal extremely hazardous. However, if the metal mixes with water, it can instantly vaporise the water, causing a potentially explosive reaction.
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Combustion Solutions for Steel Production BrochureCOMBUSTION SOLUTIONS FOR STEEL
Combustion operations during steel production processes produce emissions which are subject to strict environmental regulations. Monitoring and controlling these emissions is a regulatory requirement, and also provides process efficiency benefits.
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    • Iron to Steel - Coke Oven
      Coke Oven

      A comprehensive temperature profile of the oven allows more efficient operation and improves coke output. Our solutions are the hand-held Cyclops 100L and SPOT fibre-optic thermometer range.

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    • Iron to Steel - Coke Conveyor
      Coke Conveyor

      Any hot spots in the coke after quenching could lead to belt damage or a fire. The HotSpotIR is our dedicated monitoring solution for early detection of fire risks.

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    • Iron to Steel - Sinter

      When iron ore deposits in the form of sinter are used for steel production, it is essential to monitor for homogenous sintering throughout the cake . The ARC thermal imager is our recommended solution.

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    • Iron to Steel - DRI Transport
      DRI Transport

      Direct reduced iron (DRI) is pyrophoric - rogue hot pellets can burn holes in belts or cause a belt fire. AMETEK Land offers the HotSpotIR for this application.

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    • Iron to Steel - Blast Main and Tuyere
      Blast Main and Tuyere

      Monitoring the air temperature as it is fired into the furnace supports the efficiency of the blast furnace. We recommend the SPOT fibre-optic range for this measurement.

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    • Iron to Steel - Hot Blast Stove
      Hot Blast Stove

      The stove stores hot exhaust gases that are then used to preheat the air that feeds the blast furnace. Accurate and rapid temperature monitoring of the refractory materials in the checkerwork and dome prevent refractory damage and aid precise reversals. The SPOT R100 Fiberoptic based Stove Dome System is recommended.

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    • Iron to Steel - Tapping

      Accurate temperature measurements during tapping of molten iron or steel ensure that the quality is consistent, and provides data for process efficiency. Our recommendations are the Cyclops 055L Meltmaster or NIR.

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    • Iron to Steel - Torpedo Car
      Torpedo Car

      The refractory lining of these shaped ladles needs to be monitored for deterioration over time. The LSP-HD 60 linescanner in a Ladle Safety System is our recommended solution.

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    • Iron to Steel - Basic Oxygen Furnace
      BOF - Basic Oxygen Furnace

      A vital stage in producing low-carbon molten steel, the Basic Oxygen Furnace produces slag as a waste product. Our Slag Detection System monitors the onset of slag carryover towards the end of the tap, maintaining steel quality and preventing equipment damage.

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    • Iron to Steel - Electric Arc Furnace - Tap
      Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) - Tap

      The Electric Arc Furnace produces slag as a waste product. The SDS - Slag Detection System monitors the onset of slag carryover towards the end of the tap, maintaining steel quality and preventing equipment damage.

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    • Iron to Steel - Ladle

      Ladles transport the molten metal but the refractory linings deteriorate over time which can lead to potential breakouts. The ARC and FTI-E-based Ladle Refractory Monitoring System can detect refractory damage at an early stage.

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    • Iron to Steel - SDS

      AMETEK Land offers a dedicated SDS slag detection system to minimise the amount of slag carried over from the furnace. Early detection supports improved efficiency.

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    • Iron to Steel - Stack Emissions
      Stack Emissions

      Combustion processes in steel production produce emissions which must be monitored. We offer the Model 4500 MkIII, Model 4200+, Model 4200 and Model 4650, depending on process needs.

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