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Rod Mill

Rod Mill
The rod mill rolls steel billets to produce wire rods. This requires accurate, non-contact temperature measurements to produce steel with the desired metallurgical properties.

Monitoring the steel rod or wire during rolling, coiling and cooling helps control product quality to ensure a consistent end product. The temperature measurements made at the stands also supports process control.

AMETEK Land has been an acknowledged leader in the field of temperature measurement for the iron and steel-making industry for more than 60 years. We continue to develop and manufacture an extensive range of advanced instruments designed specifically for key applications within this industry. This includes our SPOT thermometer range, which uses a patented LED targeting system to make it easier to measure small targets such as steel wire rods.
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    • Rod Mill - Stands

      Temperature data obtained at the stands allows rolling parameters to be set correctly, and also monitors the properties of the steel. The SPOT R100 ratio thermometer is ideal for this application.

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    • Rod Mill - Down Coiler Laying Head
      Down Coiler Laying Head

      Measuring steel temperature prior to coiling provides an essential quality control measurement. AMETEK Land recommends the SPOT R100 ratio thermometer for this application.

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    • Rod Mill - Stelmor Coiler Runout
      Stelmor Coiler Runout

      The Stelmor process cools the wire rod to ensure uniform mechanical properties throughout the coil. The SPOT R100 ratio thermometer is our recommended solution to supply the required temperature measurement.

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