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Asphalt / Roadstone / Tarmac

Asphalt / Roadstone / Tarmac
Asphalt plants face increasing demands for tighter quality control. Temperature measurement of material during production can ensure it meets the correct specifications. It also helps improve process control and energy efficiency.

By monitoring the temperature throughout production, particularly at the mixer and chute, substandard material can be identified and diverted. This ensures only quality material arrives at the job site.

AMETEK Land has 40 years of experience working specifically in roadstone industry applications, and has developed a specific solution for the temperature measurements required. This product is suitable for all roadstone applications and is offered with a 12-month guarantee.
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    • Asphalt / Roadstone / Tarmac - Mixer and Chute
      Mixer and Chute

      Fluctuations in mix temperature can result in substandard product and batch rejection. The RT8B Roadstone Thermometer is AMETEK Land’s specifically designed solution for this application.

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