SPOT GS - Galvannealed And Galvanized Strip

AMETEK Land Fixed Spot Non-contact Thermometers / Pyrometers - SPOT AL EQS - Aluminium Extrusion, Quench and Strip
An advanced non-contact infrared spot pyrometer specifically designed for continuous, highly accurate measurements of coated steel strip temperature during the galvanneal reaction.
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    Combining AMETEK Land’s cutting-edge, non-contact SPOT technology with specialised software algorithms, the SPOT GS is a high-precision digital pyrometer that delivers reliable temperature readings for galvannealed and galvanised steel strips.

    The pyrometer provides the accurate steel temperature measurements needed for close monitoring of the reaction zone, enabling automated furnace management that in turn delivers tighter control of product quality.

    By maintaining control of the reaction and position of the reaction zone, the SPOT GS accommodates rapid changes of line speed and furnace power with changes of substrate or coating weight, allowing furnace optimisation.

    Building on AMETEK Land’s extensive application expertise in steel galvannealing, the SPOT GS is designed specifically for temperature measurements in the steel industry, and ensures the consistent high quality product demanded by the automotive industry.


    The GS algorithm is dedicated to fully galvannealed or galvanized surfaces. The GS+ algorithm extends functionality to include liquid surfaces seen on exit from the zinc pot.

    The automated management provided by the SPOT GS enables furnace optimisation, which reduces heating costs, maximises throughput, and avoids excessive over-reaction. It also helps prevent powdering or flaking of the coating during subsequent forming operations.
    Combining a range of digital and analog outputs, the SPOT GS fully integrates with furnace controls, PLCs and control software, providing the measurements needed to optimise the galvanneal furnace. This enables reliable and repeatable operation, producing high-quality products with minimal scrap.
    With AMETEK Land’s SPOTViewer software, the operator can quickly connect, log and view data from a SPOT GS pyrometer. Viewing and analysis is fully configurable using the flexible user interface.


  • Specifications +

    Measurement Range: 200 to 1000 °C / 392 to 1832 °F in application
    125 to 1000 °C / 257 to 1832 °F under blackbody conditions
    Measurement Accuracy: ±5 °C at 200 °C
    ±2 °C or 0.25 %K at 300 °C and above
    Repeatability: ±3 °C at 200 °C, ±2 °C or 0.25 %K at 300 °C and above
    Resolution: 0.1 °C 
    Noise:  5 °C at 200 °C, 1.5 °C at 250 °C, <0.5 °C at 300 °C and above  
    Detector Type: Application specific selected range of narrow wavelength bands designed to optimise temperature accuracy for the measurement of Gavannealed and Galvanized Strip
    Sealing: IP65
    Response Time: Adjustable 15 ms to 10 s 
    Interfaces: 0 to 20 mA DC or 4 to 20 mA DC, Digital or Analogue (0 or 4 to 20 mA) CMD In and CMD Out, Ethernet (TCP-IP, Modbus TCP, DHCP, http, udp, ICMP) 
    Processing Functions: Peak/Valley Picking, Averager, Modemaster, CMD In sampling or LED control, CMD Out alarms, emissivity output or actuator control
    Power Requirement: Power over Ethernet or 24 V DC
    Display: Local display with image streaming 
    Live configuration and temperature display on any web browser. Optional SPOTViewer software with datalogging, live and historical data trending plus remote image capture.
    Languages: Integrated multiple language selections: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, Chinese (simplified Mandarin), Korean, Russian, Polish
    Field of View: 60:1 to 90% 
    Mounting: Full range of mountings and accessories available 
    Ambient Temp Range: 5 to 60 °C / 41 to 140 °F specified, 0 to 70 °C / 32 to 158 °F operating before cooling required
    Focus Range: 300 mm / 11.8 in to infinity, locally or remotely adjusted
    Integrated video with local display and remote image capture.
    Patented* pulsed Green LED focus pattern confirmation
    24 V DC, CMD In, Ethernet, (TCP-IP, Modbus TCP, DHCP, http, udp, ICMP)
    Outputs: 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA, CMD Out, Ethernet (TCP-IP, Modbus TCP, DHCP, http, udp, ICMP)
    Configure locally using the pyrometer interface or remotely (using the Webserver or SPOTViewer). Emissivity, mode, current output range, alarm logic output and thresholds, network settings, focus and LED, language and user name
    Warranty: See our website at for warranty details.
    * Patent pending

    For further technical specification information please refer to the specific product brochure within the Documentation section below.

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