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The manufacture of plastic products relies on correct heating of the polymer before it is shaped into the desired profile. This requires accurate, high-resolution temperature measurements to support consistent product quality.

The plastic must be sufficiently heated to be soft enough for moulding or extrusion, but not reach a temperature that will damage its properties and lead to a substandard product.

AMETEK Land has provided the plastic industry with high-quality temperature measurement solutions for more than 60 years. Our high-resolution process imagers set the industry benchmark, supporting efficiency and product quality control.
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    • Plastic - Extruding

      Monitoring the plastic temperature at the die exit helps control the process and ensure a consistent quality level. AMETEK Land’s LSP-HD 7 linescanner is recommended for this application.

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    • Plastic - Thermoforming

      Accurate thermal data is essential to ensure correct formation of the finished plastic product in this process. Our recommended solution is the LSP-HD 7 linescanner.

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