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Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment
Heat treating metals to enhance their metallurgical qualities necessitates high accuracy temperature measurement and control. In many of these processes contact temperature devices cannot be used.  AMETEK Land provides accurate Non-contact solutions tailored to these processes.

AMETEK Land manufactures non-contact temperature solutions for Flame hardening, Laser Hardening, Laser welding, Plasma Nitriding and many other heat treating and annealing operations.
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    • Heat Treatment - Annealing

      Metals are heated and cooled in a planned thermal trajectory to achieve specific characteristics. We recommend the SPOT, and MWIR-B-640 solutions for this application.

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    • Heat Treatment - Flame Hardening
      Flame Hardening

      Surface hardening by directly applying a flame can be difficult to measure accurately. The Cyclops 390L and Furnace Thermometer System (FTS) use a specific waveband to overcome this issue.

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    • Heat Treatment - Laser Hardening
      Laser Hardening

      Lasers used for surface hardening can interfere with measurement methods. AMETEK Land recommends thermometers from our SPOT range, using a 1.6µm or 2.4µm waveband, as an ideal measurement solution.

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    • Heat Treatment - Plasma Nitriding
      Plasma Nitriding

      The plasma field used in this process obscures the surface, making temperature measurements challenging. To overcome this, we recommend using the Cyclops 160L or SPOT M160 for this application.

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