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Application-Specific Thermal Imaging Systems

Specifically designed to meet the needs of individual process applications, these imaging systems deliver reliably accurate temperature measurements supported by advanced processing software. They help overcome application-specific challenges to deliver data that assures quality, improves safety, reduces emissions, and controls processes.
  • Flare Stack Monitoring
    Flare Stack Monitoring

    By delivering accurate and reliable monitoring, the LWIR-640 and IMAGEPro ensure that plants can meet flare stack emissions requirements in a safe and efficient operation.

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  • AMETEK Land Fixed Thermal Imagers & Line Scanners -  NIR-Borescope-2K-Glass - Thermal Imaging System

    The NIR-B-2K-Glass is a borescope thermal imaging camera, specifically developed to return precise temperature measurements in glass furnace applications.Temperature Range: 600 to 1800 °C / 1112 to 3272 °F | Spectral Response: 1 μm | Pixel Resolution: 640 x 480 / 1968 x 1476 pixels

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  • AMETEK Land Fixed Thermal Imagers and Line Scanners - SDS - Slag Detection
    SDS - Slag Detection System

    The AMETEK Land Slag Detection System (SDS) delivers improved yields, higher-quality steel and reduces costly downstream processing. There are additional benefits in reduced ladle refractory wear.

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