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Torpedo Car

Torpedo cars are shaped ladles on rails, used to transfer molten iron from the blast furnace to the steel making facility. These cars are lined with protective refractory bricks which can become worn by continuous use. Temperature scanning of the outer shell detects the development of hot spots caused by internal refractory wear. Growing wear patterns are trended to determine and plan for timely maintenance.
By providing a detailed thermal profile for each car, the Ladle Safety System (LSP-HD 60) enables operators to schedule maintenance effectively for minimal downtime. Safety is increased by avoiding molten iron breakouts, which would otherwise lead to expensive process stoppages.


Molten Metal Escapes and Breakouts - Application NoteMOLTEN METAL ESCAPES AND BREAKOUTS
The escape or breakout of molten metal is a highly important safety consideration in all metal manufacturing industries, particularly steelmaking. The extremely high temperatures involved make any breakout of molten metal extremely hazardous. However, if the metal mixes with water, it can instantly vaporise the water, causing a potentially explosive reaction.
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