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BOF - Basic Oxygen Furnace

In Basic Oxygen steelmaking, molten iron and scrap is heated in a furnace, then oxygen is blown in to form low-carbon molten steel. When this liquid steel is tapped from the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF), it is essential to minimise the quantity of slag carried over into the ladle.

Slag carry-over hinders the addition of alloys and conditioners, and increases the time and cost of steel treatments. It also causes wear to the ladle and increases the risk of nozzle clogging in the caster. Early slag detection will improve efficiency and lower costs.

By warning the operator in time to stop the tap before slag is carried over, the SDS - Slag Detection System helps improve production yield and ensures the steel produced has a lower slag content, improving quality. This also reduces energy costs further along the process, and lowers the maintenance on the BOF vessel.

Recommended Product - SDS - Slag Detection System
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      SDS - Slag Detection System

      The Slag Detection System (SDS) is the proven solution for accurate and timely detection of slag carryover in the steelmaking process, allowing plants to improve product quality, reduce slag carryover and improve operator safety.

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