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Ladles are used to transport molten metal. They are preheated to avoid thermal shock damage to the refractory lining when molten metal is added. A fixed process imager, mounted to continuously monitor the lining temperature during preheating, can detect any deterioration of the refractory.

Maintaining the refractory lining for longer significantly reduces the maintenance costs of steel production. Monitoring the external temperature pattern of the ladle with a thermal imager allows assessment of any wear. This data can be used to schedule repairs and to avoid further damage and breakouts.

Thermal imaging and temperature data for the ladles enable engineers to identify long-term trends and make decisions about when to repair and renew linings. It also provides early warning of excessive lining depletion that may result in breakouts of molten steel.

Molten Metal Escapes and Breakouts - Application NoteMOLTEN METAL ESCAPES AND BREAKOUTS
The escape or breakout of molten metal is a highly important safety consideration in all metal manufacturing industries, particularly steelmaking. The extremely high temperatures involved make any breakout of molten metal extremely hazardous. However, if the metal mixes with water, it can instantly vaporise the water, causing a potentially explosive reaction.
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