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Coke Oven

Coal is heated in the coke oven in the absence of air, to produce coke for the blast furnace. The lifespan of the oven, along with the quality and quantity of coke produced depends on the temperature levels, so these must be closely monitored.

Direct measurement of the oven walls provides a complete temperature profile, allowing control for the efficient operation of the oven. This can be achieved by installing fibre-optic thermometers on the pusher arm. Alternatively, a hand-held portable pyrometer, the Cyclops 100L can be used to measure temperatures at each of the flues.

Either measurement method provides a non-contact reading, so there is no interference with the process. The thermal data provided allows for more efficient operation of the coke oven, reducing fuel costs and increasing the quantity and quality of coke produced.


High-quality metallurgical coke is a vital raw material for iron and steel production, affecting the furnace operation and standard of the hot metal. It is produced by heating coal in a coke oven in the absence of oxygen. Both the quality and quantity of coke, as well as the lifespan of the oven, depend upon uniform temperature levels, so these require close monitoring.
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Liquid Metal Temperature Measurements - Application NoteLIQUID METAL TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENTS 

AMETEK Land produces a range of expert solutions to ensure precise, continuous liquid metal measurements, using non contact systems based around pyrometer and thermal imaging technology for the best fit to each application.
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