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Reheat Furnace

The reheat furnace brings the cold steel to the correct temperature for rolling. Temperature measurements here allow for optimised heating trajectories, providing considerable energy savings. Monitoring also ensures temperature uniformity and consistent product quality, reducing wastage.

Controlling the reheat furnace is key to reducing the costs of fuel and time needed for this stage. It also offers the final opportunity of checking the steel temperature before it enters the rolling mill. However, reflections from higher background temperature roof and walls can affect measurement accuracy. AMETEK Land MWIR-B-640 and NIR-B process thermal imagers both feature automatic background temperature measurement and reflection compensation abilities.

NIR-B Borescope design process thermal imager is easy to install via a narrow diameter hole through the furnace wall. The lens tip provides fields of view up to 90 horizontal degrees and offers a high resolution (656 x 484 pixels) thermal image. Temperatures can be measured anywhere within the scene. Unlike simpler devices the NIR-B imager design provides accurate temperature measurements anywhere from the centre of the thermal image all the way out to the corners of the image. A Certificate of conformity accompanies each NIR-B showing the calibration uniformity at various points across the imager scene. In this way multiple objects or areas in the scene can be defined and simultaneously provide accurate temperature readings.

The MWIR-B-640 enables a continuous and clear view, even through heavy smoke and hot furnace atmospheres, which is not possible with visual furnace camera systems. With a clear view through smoke and furnace gases, the MWIR-B-640 allows highly accurate and fully radiometric temperature measurement image data to be taken, stored, and trended over the lifetime of the furnace/boiler.

Application Note - Temperature Measurement in Metal Reheat FurnacesTEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT IN METAL REHEAT FURNACES
Reheat furnaces bring cold metal to the correct temperature for rolling, extruding or forging. For optimum quality, and to reduce wastage, the temperature should be uniform throughout the product, which requires accurate temperature monitoring. Read More > 

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