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When liquid steel is tapped from a Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) or Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), it is essential to minimise the amount of slag carried over into the ladle. High slag levels reduce the quality of the steel and make future processes less efficient.

Slag carry-over hinders the addition of alloys and leads to phosphorous reversion and increases the time and cost of steel treatments. It also causes wear to the ladle and increases the risk of nozzle clogging in the caster. Early slag detection will improve efficiency and lower costs.

By warning the operator in a dependable, repeatable and timely manner to stop the tap before slag is carried over, the SDS helps improve production yield and ensures the steel produced has a lower slag content, improving quality. This also reduces energy costs further along the process, and lowers the maintenance on the furnace vessel.


Liquid Metal Temperature Measurements - Application NoteLIQUID METAL TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENTS 
AMETEK Land produces a range of expert solutions to ensure precise, continuous liquid metal measurements, using non contact systems based around pyrometer and thermal imaging technology for the best fit to each application.
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