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Molten iron is tapped from the blast furnace at regular intervals. The temperature of the molten metal provides an indication of the quality of the iron. Accurate measurements during tapping can ensure this quality is consistent, and improve the efficiency of the process.

Accurate temperature monitoring supports quality control of the steel, ensuring that it meets the correct standards when it is cast. It also enables more efficient process control by allowing adjustment of the energy used to heat the metal to the required level.

With no wires, and operating from a fixed distance of 5m, the Cyclops 055L Meltmaster safely provides measurements for process efficiency and quality control via Bluetooth connection. Alternatively, the NIR process imager can be installed in place to deliver the same accurate readings, working with thermal analysis software on a connected PC.


Liquid Metal Temperature Measurements - Application NoteLIQUID METAL TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENTS 
AMETEK Land produces a range of expert solutions to ensure precise, continuous liquid metal measurements, using non contact systems based around pyrometer and thermal imaging technology for the best fit to each application.
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