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Steel Foundry

Molten steel is poured into moulds to form a casting. The quality of casting is closely related to the temperature of the molten metal. Accurate temperature measurement ensures consistency of this quality, and also improves the efficiency of the process.

If temperatures are too low, casting quality is negatively affected. However, temperatures that are too high waste energy and cause rapid refractory insulation wear in ladles, along with delays to the process waiting for the metal to cool.

Using a non-contact measurement that does not interrupt the casting process, Auto Pour delivers one accurate, repeatable value, measured and calculated for each pouring. This data helps reduce operating costs while improving casting quality. Alternatively with no wires, and operating from distances of up to 5m, the Cyclops 055L Meltmaster safely provides measurements for process efficiency and quality control via Bluetooth connection.

Recommended Products - Auto Pour and Cyclops 055L Meltmaster
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