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Tin Bath (Flat)

The molten glass flows into this area at around 1100oC and flattens above a layer of molten tin, exiting the bath as solidifying glass ribbon at 600oC. An understanding of the temperature profile across this wide range is vital to ensure a consistent, high-quality product.

The weight and temperature of molten glass are closely related, so accurate temperature measurements are important to produce flat glass with minimal stresses. For glass which is just a few millimetres thick, thermometers with a narrow waveband are required to ensure the tin layer does not affect the reading.

Ensuring the temperature across the entire width of the glass remains uniform is key to maintaining consistent product quality. With a wide temperature range that operates across the float glass process, the FLT5A ensures reliable results without the compatibility issues that may arise from using different devices.

Recommended Product - FLT5A
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