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Regenerators (Container / Fibreglass / Rockwool / Flat / Speciality / Tableware)
Regenerators are heat interchangers that alternate between receiving heat and transferring that heat back to the combustion air. They are used to preheat the air for use in melt tank furnaces. Precision measurements of temperature within the regenerator will support energy efficiency in this process.

This area of the tank is extremely important to the melt process, and is vulnerable to damage from prolonged heat exposure. There is also a need to monitor emissions at the regenerator to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Accurate measurements in the high temperatures of the regenerator support the efficiency of the melt process. They also provide early warning of any incorrect or unbalanced firing which could affect product quality and energy consumption.

Portable Flue Gas Applications - Application NotePORTABLE FLUE GAS APPLICATIONS
Measuring flue gases produced when fuel or other materials are burned in industrial plants or power stations is important for process control, efficiency and emissions monitoring. As the most accurate, robust and flexible portable flue gas analyser available today, Lancom 4 provides an ideal solution for industries burning coal, natural gas, oil or biomass, including power generation, steel, glass and cement manufacturing. Read More > Watch the video >

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