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Drawing Tower

The drawing tower is a high, heated construction that draws out the optical fibre from a thicker preform. In order to draw high-quality, low-loss optical fibre with the required strength and attenuation, the temperature of the drawing tower furnace must be stable and precisely controlled.

The drawing tower furnace lining can get close to melting point, so its temperature is used as the heating control parameter. The high temperatures (typically 2200oC/4000oF) make contact measurement methods impractical. In addition, the thermometer must either view a small target between induction coils, or down a narrow tube.

Precision, drift-free temperature monitoring supports the continuous furnace control needed for high-quality optical fibre and optimum energy efficiency.

Recommended Product - DTT.
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      DTT - Drawing Tower

      A short-wavelength infrared thermometer providing precise and stable temperature measurement for control of optical fibre drawing tower furnaces.

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