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Forehearth (Container / Fibreglass / Rockwool / Speciality / Tableware)

In the  glass production process, molten glass flows from the furnace into the forehearth, where it is cut into gobs and dropped into a mould for forming or for entry into the bushing plate. Consistent, correct heating is essential to maintain homogenous glass with the right gob viscosity.

The forehearth must be kept hot enough to maintain the glass in a molten state without any variations that could affect the properties of the gob. A temperature difference of just 1oC creates a viscosity deviation of 1%, so accurate temperature monitoring is vital to control the forehearth zone temperatures. 

By controlling the temperature in the forehearth, a consistent viscosity can be maintained for the glass gobs. This leads to improved production rates and a reduction in scrap from glass breakages further along the process. Precise heat control can also produce fuel efficiency savings.

Recommended Products - FG, Cyclops 100L and Lancom 4.

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