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Annealing Lehr

Annealing Lehr (Flat)
After the solidified glass leaves the tin bath, it moves to the lehr where it is cooled gradually to remove internal stresses. The rate of cooling is important to ensure the glass does not break at the cutting stage, so frequent, precise temperature measurements are critical to this application.

Measurement can be difficult in the lehr, as the temperature drops across a wide range. Temperatures above 300oC should use 5µm thermometers, but below 300oC a thermometer with a longer wavelength is recommended, allowing accurate measurements down to ambient levels.

Close control of the temperature ensures internal strains are removed. By taking a high-resolution thermal image of the glass as it leaves the lehr, consistent product quality is ensured and any process problems can be detected early. Surface measurements also monitor the temperature uniformity across the width of the glass.

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