Flue Gas

The combustion operations often used in glass production produce flue gas emissions which are subject to strict environmental regulations. To ensure compliance with limitations placed by governments around the world, plants are required to monitor and control emissions. This also provides process efficiency benefits.

Controlling emissions of particulate matter (dust and other pollutants) is a key activity, but can prove challenging, as the high-particulate environment can adversely affect both the measurements and the instrument. In addition, carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring supports combustion control.

Continuous emissions monitoring helps ensure that plants meet the necessary control regulations, avoiding the prospect of sizeable fines. In some cases, this monitoring supports the improvement of operational efficiency, lowering production costs. It can also reduce emissions damage to the plant, extending equipment life.

Recommended Products - Lancom 4, 4500 MkIII, WDG and 9100.

Portable Flue Gas Applications - Application NotePORTABLE FLUE GAS APPLICATIONS
Measuring flue gases produced when fuel or other materials are burned in industrial plants or power stations is important for process control, efficiency and emissions monitoring. As the most accurate, robust and flexible portable flue gas analyser available today, Lancom 4 provides an ideal solution for industries burning coal, natural gas, oil or biomass, including power generation, steel, glass and cement manufacturing. Read More > Watch the video >

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