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Melt Tank – Inside Refractory

Melt Tank – Inside Refractory (Container / Fibreglass / Rockwool / Speciality / Tableware)
The melt tank experiences the highest temperatures of the glass production process. Real-time monitoring of these temperatures is vital to the efficiency of the application and the quality of the product. It is important to be able to study the entire tank interior to detect any structural damage.

Reversals of the furnace’s burner and exhaust ports take place every 20-30 minutes, making traditional, slower-response thermal profiling difficult and time-consuming, with significant risk of human error. Real-time analysis is required to ensure overheating is avoided and the hot spot is located at the optimum point for fuel efficiency.

Monitoring the condition of the melt tank enables interior damage to be detected and repaired, improving energy efficiency and reducing unplanned downtime. Thermal measurements in the melt tank also support process efficiency and consistent glass quality.

Application Note - Glass Tank Refractory MonitoringGLASS TANK REFRACTORY MONITORING
The condition of glass furnace  Refractories is vitally important to safety and process efficiency, especially towards the end of the life of the tank. Deterioration of the refractories can increase fuel Costs, and may cause glass break-outs or refractory failure. 
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