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Land Image Processing System (LIPS)

Land Image Processing System (LIPS), Discontinued on 30/09/2019
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    AMETEK Land, Land Instruments International Ltd, formally announces that from the 30th September 2019 the Land Image Processing System (LIPS), Camera Viewer/Viewer + and I/O Manager software products will be discontinued from new product sales.


    The discontinued software products will no longer be maintained and there will be no further releases issued. They will be fully supported by our qualified field and factory service teams and our internal technical support engineers until they become obsolete on 30th September 2024.


    Please see the below reference table for a list parts affected by the notification:

    Product Part Number 
    LIPS - ARC
     ARC Viewer+  806543
     LIPS ARC & 3XR NIR-B Server  806547
     LIPS ARC Client  806546
     LIPS ARC Server w/Pan & Tilt  806952
     LIPS ARC Client w/Pan & Tilt  806955
    LIPS - FTI-E
     LIPS Fti-E Server  804393
     LIPS Fti-E Client  804392
     LIPS NIR Server  806097
     LIPS NIR Client  806095
     LIPS Modbus Server Software User Pack  811601
     LIPS NIR-b Client User Pack  808131
     LIPS NIR-b OPC Server ZT9605  810249
    NIR-B 3XR
     LIPS for ARC & NIR-b 3XR Client  806546
     LIPS for ARC & NIR-b 3XR Server  806547
     LIPS SDS software - part of the SDS system  (805040)
     I/O Manager Software User Pack  811002 

    Future sales for Land Camera Viewer/Viewer + will be served by the new IMAGEViewer software and LIPS and I/O Manager by the new IMAGEPro software. See full details on the new software offerings at IMAGEViewer and IMAGEPro.

    Existing LIPS ERF files will be compatible with the new IMAGEViewer and IMAGEPro.

    AMETEK Land believes in supporting and partnering our customers through the lifetime of our products. Please contact our sales engineers for more details or queries regarding this notification. 
    Suggested Replacement - IMAGEPro

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