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ABT - Aluminium Billet

ABT - Aluminium Billet, Discontinued on 29/03/2021
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    AMETEK Land, Land Instruments International Ltd, formally announces that with immediate effect the ABT (Aluminium Billet) Thermometer will be discontinued from new product sales.

    Whilst stopped for new product sales, the ABT is still fully supported by our qualified field and factory service teams and our internal technical support engineers until they become obsolete on 31st August 2023. A select range of spares will remain available from AMETEK Land and will continue to be supplied as standard items until stocks are exhausted.

    Please see the below reference table for a list of parts affected by the notification:
    ABT - Aluminium Billet Thermometer
    Part Number  Model 
    092.569 ABT/S Thermometer 300/600C-L35-S
    092.572 ABT/S Thermometer 600/1100F-L35-S
    092.577 ABT/U Thermometer 600/1100F-L20-U
    092.599  ABT Transverse Air Purge 

    Future sales for the discontinued items will be served by:
    ABT - Aluminium Billet Thermometer  SPOT AL EQS Pyrometer & SPOT Actuator

    Please contact our sales engineers for more details or queries regarding this notification. AMETEK Land believes in supporting and partnering with our customers through the lifetime of our products.

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