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9100 (Carbon Monoxide)

Model 9100 (Carbon Monoxide), Discontinued on 30/09/2019
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    AMETEK Land, Land Instruments International Ltd, formally announces that from the 30th September 2019 the Model 9100 Cross-stack Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor will be discontinued from new product sales. 

    Whilst the product has been stopped for new product sales the system is fully supported by our qualified field and factory service teams and our internal technical support engineers. As a 9100 user you will have experienced the instrument is extremely accurate and stable provided it is fully maintained. A full range of spare parts are available from AMETEK Land and will continue to be supplied as standard items until 31st December 2024. After that time, remaining spare parts will available while stocks last.

    There is no direct replacement for the Model 9100 however the FGA Series may be suitable in some applications. 

    Please contact our sales engineers for more details or queries regarding this notification. AMETEK Land believes in supporting and partnering our customers through the lifetime of our products.

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