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GST - Galvanneal Strip

GST - Galvanneal Strip, Discontinued on 26/11/2018
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    AMETEK Land formally announce that from the 26th November 2018 the System 4 Galvanneal Strip Thermometer (GST) will be discontinued from new product sales. 

    Whilst the product has been stopped for new product sales the system is fully supported by our qualified field and factory service teams and our internal technical support engineers.

    A selected range of GST spares will remain available from AMETEK Land and will continue to be supplied as standard items until stocks are exhausted. 

    Please see the below list of thermometers affected by the notification.

    Part Number 092.708 - GST Thermometer

    Future sales for Galvanising and Galvannealing applications will be served by the new SPOT GS. The SPOT GS features advanced integrated digital processing capabilities for temperature measurement (125 to 1000 °C / 257 to 1832 °F) of galvannealed and galvanized strip. SPOT GS pyrometers incorporate temperature measurement algorithms specifically designed for galvannealed or galvanized surfaces, plus liquid surfaces seen on exit from the zinc pot.  Utilising the latest digital on-board processors has allowed the SPOT GS to be designed as a standalone pyrometer without the need for a separate processor unit.

    The SPOT GS pyrometer can be easily retro fitted to existing installations and backward compatible upgrades are available enabling continued support for existing installations.  

    Suggested Replacement - SPOT GS
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