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Polysilicon Reactors

Polysilicon is the key component in photovoltaic solar power cells. Consistent product quality of the polysilicon is essential, and this requires continuous and accurate temperature monitoring and control at the reactor stage. The reactor environment is challenging for measurement instruments, as extremely high temperatures are used, and the surrounding environment can occasionally be a hazardous atmosphere location requiring Hazloc certified sensors. 

By monitoring the temperature accurately, the conditions for high-purity polysilicon growth are ensured. The Fibre-optic technology of our instruments place the electronics away from the hazardous atmosphere environments commonly found around polysilicon CVD reactors, while the non-contact measurement system does not interfere with the process, so there is no contamination risk.

Our engineered solutions are geared to ensure you get the ultimate in accuracy with best in class performance from our proven industrial range of sensors. Contact us for specific industry applications.
Recommended Product – SPOT R100 FO
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