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Super Calendering

Super calendering adds a finer surface finish to paper by pushing it, under pressure, through a series of alternating hard and soft-faced rolls. As the temperature of the process rises, a soft roll cover  may overheat, causing the coating to blister or come off. Repair costs and associated downtime significantly increase costs.

The rolls rotate at high speeds, and rapidly  developing hot spots may be tiny. This makes them impossible to detect using traditional methods such as visual inspection and single-spot thermometers. A fast-response, high-resolution solution is required.

The HotSpotIR detects even very small hot spots, scanning 1000 temperature measurements every 0.01 seconds. It provides high speed alarm contacts to alert the control room, allowing the process to be slowed or detensioned – either by an operator or by connection to an automated system – before damage occurs.

Recommended Product - HotSpotIR
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