Fired Heaters

Fired heaters play an essential role in hydrocarbon processing applications, heating gases or liquids to their required temperatures. Accurate temperature measurements support process control, efficiency, safety and economy. However, the high temperatures involved present difficulties in providing the high-precision thermal monitoring that is needed.

Control of fired heaters is increasingly important to keep fuel costs low and reduce harmful emissions. Temperature monitoring solutions must be able to endure the heat of the process and deliver a high performance, despite the interference caused by combustion products.

Optimum process control can be achieved by making accurate measurements in the heater. Energy efficiency is improved by the information provided by real-time thermal analysis. The NIR-B 3XR’s continuous monitoring detects any damage to the heater interior, allowing maintenance to be scheduled conveniently, and avoiding the prospect of expensive, unplanned downtime.

Recommended Products - Cyclops 390L and NIR-B 3XR
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