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Primary Syngas Reformer

An essential step in the industrial production of methanol, steam reforming requires accurate, non-contact temperature monitoring to ensure efficiency. Process conditions can make the required accuracy challenging, while a non-contact measurement is needed to withstand the high temperatures involved.

An optimum temperature avoids heat damage to the reformer tube, while ensuring plant efficiency. However, combustion products including steam, carbon dioxide (CO2) and other hot gases can introduce significant measurement errors to standard infrared technology, while changing emissivity within the tube must also be taken into account.

By preventing overheating, temperature monitoring extends the lifespan of the reformer tube. It also helps control the process at an optimal level, for maximum efficiency, leading to significant energy savings.

Steam reforming is widely used in the hydrocarbon processing industries for the production of important gases, particularly hydrogen, methanol and ammonia. The steam reforming process uses a huge furnace which heats a large number of tubes containing a catalyst. When steam and natural gas are passed through the tubes, over the catalyst, a catalytic reaction occurs that produces the synthetic gas (syngas) made up of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. This syngas is used to produce the desired product. 
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