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Pet coke is reacted with oxygen, without combustion, under high temperatures in the gasifier. Accurate temperature monitoring is required to ensure the efficient conversion of the hydrocarbons in the coke to hydrogen and carbon monoxide, and to reduce the use of waste energy.

Maintaining the correct temperature level throughout the gasifier supports process control in providing complete conversion of the pet coke. Prevention of overheating reduces waste energy, and in turn lowers the cost of the process.

By providing precise, real-time thermal data, the LWIR-640 enables process control of the gasifier for optimal heating conditions. This leads to lower energy costs and makes the conversion of the pet coke to syngas much more efficient.

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      A long-wavelength, low temperature thermal imager - Temperature Range: -20 to 1000 °C (-4 to 1832 °F) | Spectral Response: 8 to 14 μm | Pixel Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels

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