Steam Cracking Furnace

As part of the ethylene production process, hydrocarbons are heated in a steam cracking furnace at temperatures ranging from 750-950°C (1382-1742°F). Efficient process control requires real-time temperature measurements in hostile conditions.

The furnace must be kept at a high temperature for the cracking to take place. Overheating is inefficient as it wastes fuel, increases carbon deposits, and can damage plant equipment. Cracking is ineffective if the temperature is too low, so real-time analysis is important to maintain optimal temperature.

Highly accurate measurements enable optimum process control in the furnace, while the opportunity for real-time thermal analysis helps improve energy efficiency. The continuous monitoring of the NIR-B 3XR can detect furnace hotspots and damage, making maintenance easier and preventing long periods of expensive downtime.

Recommended Products - Cyclops 390L and NIR-B 3XR
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