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LSP-HD Linescanner

AMETEK Land Fixed Thermal Imagers & Line Scanners - LSP-HD
Compact and sophisticated high accuracy infrared linescanner, designed to produce advanced thermal images of moving processes.
  • Overview +

    A compact infrared linescanner easily integrated using a standard Ethernet connection, the LSP-HD series offers highly accurate temperature measurements in a range of application-specific models.

    Offering industry-leading scanning performance of 1000 data points even at scan speeds as high as 150 scans per second, LSP-HD sets a new benchmark for process imaging definition, detecting even the smallest temperature differences for improved process control and consistent product quality.

    Integration is simple: a single Ethernet data connection straight from the sensor head removes the requirement for a separate processor, while the adoption of Power over Ethernet technology (PoE) means all electrical connections are made using just one Ethernet cable. As the scanner requires just one cable installation costs are significantly reduced.

    Backwards compatible with pre-existing AMETEK Land Infrared Linescanner installations, LSP-HD is available in a number of models, each optimised for a specific range of industrial applications in the glass, industrial processing and steel industries.

    Designed to operate in harsh operating environments ranging from 20 C (68 °F) to 1500 °C (2732 °F) in temperature, LSP-HD’s high-quality optics produce high-definition thermal images at unrivalled scan speeds for outstanding process control. High temperature models feature industry leading fully focusable optics with 300 or 500:1 distance to spot size. All LSP-HD scanners feature rugged Sapphire protection windows that resist scratches, acids and solvents. Integrated laser alignment verification is standard.

    Plug and Play installation utilises a single cable Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection reduces complexity and cost. Ethernet infrastructure uses industry standard cabling and connectivity. Various analogue and digital interfaces are available. 

    Landscan LSP-HD can be used together with the advanced WCA display and analysis software or used independently communication digitally to other systems. Many of the signal processing capabilities are integrated directly within the scanner meaning that a separate PC is not required. Landscan LSP-HD can communicate directly with Siemens S7 PLC's and ibaPDA. Cooled and purged mountings with tool-free quick release mechanisms simplify and speed up scanner removal and re-installation without requiring a plumber to disconnect any fittings.

    Plug and Play compatible with LANDSCAN WCA software, LSP-HD fits all existing LANDSCAN infrared linescanner installations, making it easy to upgrade and replace. An identical form factor to its predecessor means there’s no need to change existing mounting hardware.

    The LSP-HD linescanner is AMETEK Land’s market-leading infrared thermal imager for moving processes.
  • Models +

    Model Temperature Range Key Applications
    LSP-HD 10, 11 & 12
    LSP-HD 10 600 to 1400 °C / 1112 to 2552 °F Continuous Caster
    Reheat Furnace - Exit
    Hot Strip Mill
    Hot Plate Mill
    Hot Beam Mill
    LSP-HD 11 700 to 1500 °C / 1292 to 2732 °F
    LSP-HD 12 800 to 1700 °C / 1472 to 3092 °F
    LSP-HD 20, 21, 22 & 23
    LSP-HD 20
    200 to 850 °C / 392 to 1562 °F
    Continuous Annealing Lines
    Annealing Furnaces
    Galvanising and Galvanneal Lines
    Hot Strip Mill
    Hot Plate Mill
    LSP-HD 21  300 to 1000 °C / 572 to 1832 °F
    LSP-HD 22  400 to 1200 °C / 752 to 2192 °F
    LSP-HD 23  250 to 1000 °C / 482 to 1832 °F
    LSP-HD 5FL, 50, 51 & 52
    LSP-HD 5FL  150 to 750 °C / 302 to 1382 °F
    Float Glass Lines
    Lehr and Lehr Exit
    Glass Toughening/Tempering
    Glass Forming/Bending
    Glass Coating
    Solar Panels
    LSP-HD 50  150 to 750 °C / 302 to 1382 °F
    LSP-HD 51  250 to 850 °C / 482 to 1562 °F
    LSP-HD 52 500 to 1100 °C / 932 to 2012 °F
    LSP-HD 60, 61, 62 & 63
    LSP-HD 60
    20 to 250 °C / 68 to 482 °F
    Paper Rolls
    Paper Webs 
    Paper Conveyors
    Rotary Kilns
    Non-woven Dryers
    Torpedo Cars
    Plastic Extruders
    Galvanizing lines
    LSP-HD 61  50 to 400 °C / 122 to 752 °F
    LSP-HD 62  100 to 600 °C / 212 to 1112 °F
    LSP-HD 63  50 to 850 °C / 122 to 1562 °F
    LSP-HD 71
    LSP-HD 71  50 to 350 °C / 122 to 662 °F
    Plastic Polymers
    Thin Plastics

    Plastic Thermoforming
    Steel Paint Coating Lines
  • Specifications +

    Temperature 20 to 1500 °C / 68 to 2732 °F
    Scan Angle 80° (software adjustable to 40°)
    Scan Speed 10 - 150Hz (user adjustable in 1Hz increments)
    Number of Samples 1000 samples 
    Connection Industrial Ethernet via M12 Connector 
    Signal Processing  Up to 14 user configurable zones with min / max / average / quantile / average threshold
    Alarms based on the 14 zones 
    I/O  PoE enabled TCP/IP Industrial Ethernet
    Ambient Temperature (Specified)  5 to 60 °C / 41 to 140 °F
    Ambient Temperature (Operating)  5 to 70 °C / 41 to 158 °F 
    Dimension (W x H x D)  206 x 209 x 100mm / 8.1 x 8.2 x 3.9 in 
    Laser  Class 2, maximum output 1.0mW at 635nm, IEC60825-1:2001
    Indicating scan plane and extent 
    Environmental  IP65 
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