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Storage Silo

Before final milling, coal is typically stored in silos. Similarly, wet and dry biomass are stored in silos. This presents a risk of fire, as solid coal, coal dust and biomass are susceptible to spontaneous heating and combustion.  It is vital to monitor the stored coal and biomass to detect hot spots and early signs of combustion.

The earliest sign of combustion is the build-up of carbon monoxide (CO), so accurate detection of CO levels is essential. Monitoring CO in the silo headspace provides early warning of a potentially dangerous condition. It can also be useful to measure the temperature of the silo, either by monitoring the outside wall temperature or the surface temperature of the stored coal or biomass.

By detecting hot spots in the stored coal and biomass material , and monitoring any CO build-up that could indicate combustion, early action can be taken to prevent a fire, protecting people and equipment. Connecting the detector to alarm/control systems allows continuous, remote monitoring of the storage silo.

Combustible Material Monitoring - Application NoteCOMBUSTIBLE MATERIAL MONITORING
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Application Note - Coal Fired Power PlantsCOAL-FIRED POWER PLANTS
The safety and efficiency of modern thermal power plants relies on accurate measurement and careful control of operating conditions. This application note aims to provide an overview of the many technologies available for monitoring essential operations in coal-fired power generation and their respective limitations and advantages. Read More > Watch the Video >

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