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Boiler/Furnace Operation

The boiler is the heart of any coal-fired power plant, and presents opportunities and challenges to temperature monitoring. Key measurements can support the efficiency of the combustion process, while helping to control emissions. Monitoring the boiler can also provide important information on the refractory wall condition.

Thermal imaging in the boiler must overcome the extreme heat to monitor interior conditions and optimise the combustion process. Control of the process is also supported by measuring carbon monoxide (CO) emissions and acid dewpoint. Flue gas detection is required to ensure plants comply with emissions regulations.

The advanced products developed by AMETEK Land support combustion efficiency and emissions control, which together help lower process costs and avoid fines for non-compliance. Our accurate, non-contact measurements allow optimal conditions with no interference with the combustion process. Boiler monitoring spots maintenance issues at an early stage.


Measurements of the Acid Dewpoint Temperature (ADT) are important for combustion efficiency, environmental compliance and process optimisation on a variety of coal and oil-fired processes. The Lancom 200 portable analyser provides valuable tools for ADT measurement. Read More > Watch the Video >

Application Note - Coal Fired Power PlantsCOAL-FIRED POWER PLANTS
The safety and efficiency of modern thermal power plants relies on accurate measurement and careful control of operating conditions. This application note aims to provide an overview of the many technologies available for monitoring essential operations in coal-fired power generation and their respective limitations and advantages. Read More > Watch the Video >

Industrial Boilers Application Note (EN)INDUSTRIAL BOILERS
Industrial boilers are used to produce steam, which can be used to turn electrical turbines to generate power or provide heat in an industrial process. In all cases, it is important to monitor and diagnose combustion conditions within the boiler to improve its operation, and safety. Key measurements can support the optimisation of the combustion process and minimise emissions. Monitoring the boiler can also provide important information on the refractory or waterwall condition. Read More > Watch the Video >
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