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The coal mill is a key ancillary to any pulverized fuel boiler. It grinds the coal to a fine powder so that it can be burned with maximum efficiency. Biomass also moves through hammer mills, dryers and pulverizers during the production process.  

Avoiding mill explosions is essential for personnel safety and asset protection.  The early stages of combustion generate high levels of carbon monoxide (CO), so monitoring for rapid CO build-up can provide an early warning of any dangerous conditions in the mill.

Millwatch is a robust, low maintenance system that easily connects to plant control equipment. It provides high performance CO monitoring to improve process safety, help protect expensive mill equipment and prevent downtime.

Combustible Material Monitoring - Application NoteCOMBUSTIBLE MATERIAL MONITORING
Accurate measurement and control of operating conditions are key to safety and efficiency in modern power plants. Whether the fuel source is coal or an alternative type such as petcoke or biomass, there is a risk of unwanted combustion – potentially causing injury, damage, and downtime – wherever the fuel is handled, processed or stored. Read More > Watch the Video >

Application Note - Coal Fired Power PlantsCOAL-FIRED POWER PLANTS
The safety and efficiency of modern thermal power plants relies on accurate measurement and careful control of operating conditions. This application note aims to provide an overview of the many technologies available for monitoring essential operations in coal-fired power generation and their respective limitations and advantages. Read More > Watch the Video >

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