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Clinker Cooler

The hot clinker produced by the rotary kiln is transferred to a grate cooler, where it is cooled by air blowers before being taken by conveyor belt to the cement mill. It is essential to monitor the clinker for rogue hot inclusions  before it reaches the belt and causes damage.

Any rogue  hot inclusions in the cooled clinker could cause a fire at the conveyor belt, damaging equipment and stopping the cement manufacture process. A high-resolution solution is needed which is able to detect even very small hot spots with a rapid response.

By rapidly detecting any clinker particles that have not cooled sufficiently, the HotSpotIR ensures the correct cooling rate, indicates a blocked air blower, and safeguards against potential fires or conveyor damage. It’s extremely compact size allows operation in restricted spaces. Rapid alarm contacts can be used for deluge or diversion systems. 

Recommended Product – HotSpotIR
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