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Tunnel Kiln

Bricks pass along the kiln through zones of increasing temperature until they reach the required soak temperature, which imparts the desired qualities of the brick. Monitoring the temperature of the brick ensures it develops the correct properties, but can prove challenging in the high temperature kiln environment.

Traditional thermocouple temperature measurements only measure the kiln zone temperature, not the bricks themselves. 

Once the bricks have reached soak temperature, they are cooled using waste energy taken from the cooling zone. Accurate measurement of the brick temperature supports process efficiency and ensures the bricks are not cooled too soon, or too late.

The non-contact measurement method means no interference with the process. Monitoring the precise temperature of the bricks themselves ensures the bricks are manufactured with consistent strength and quality. It also improves process efficiency, allowing close control of both the product temperature and the cooling process.

Recommended Product – SPOT M100 FO
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