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Liquid Aluminium Processing

Liquid Aluminium Processing
Temperature control of liquid aluminium during melting and pouring is an important element in ensuring high quality casting operations.

During the casting process, aluminium is brought up to the required temperature depending on alloy type and casting type. Keeping the temperature at a constant level during the pour is vital to ensure the integrity of the finished product.

If the temperature is too hot, this will alter the chemical and physical properties and the casting will not meet the required specifications. If the temperature is too low, the molten metal will not flow into all the cavities and apertures of the casting due to solidification. Accurate temperature  measurement of liquid aluminium is therefore key to ensure process efficiency.

The SPOT AL is specifically designed for fast & accurate, reliable temperature measurement of liquid aluminium. It has unique pre-set algorithms that offer a range of measurement modes for a variety of applications, providing accurate digital temperature readings of low, medium, and variable emissivity aluminium. 

The SPOT AL is AMETEK Land’s specialist solution for non-contact temperature measurements in general aluminium applications  – Find out more by requesting a callback.

Temperature Measurements in Aluminium Production and Processing Industries - Application Note (EN)

AMETEK Land offers multiple solutions for the complex temperature measurement of aluminium. Our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability to ensure accurate performance under plant operating conditions. Read More > Watch the Video >

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