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Aluminium Extrusion - Die
The hot, soft aluminium billet is extruded through the die, which produces the desired product shape. It is essential that the die is sufficiently heated so that it does not cool the aluminium, which will block the process.

The die is preheated in a die oven to ensure it is sufficiently hot enough – typically around 450oC – to guard against the aluminium solidifying. It is important that the die is not removed from the oven prematurely, and that it does not cool too much between the oven and the die press.

As the die is pre-heated, it is important to measure the temperature rapidly so that it does not have time to cool before being loaded into the press. A sufficiently heated die does not run the risk of blocking the process by causing the aluminium to harden.

Recommended Product - SPOT M160/M160 F.O.

Temperature Measurements in Aluminium Production and Processing Industries - Application Note (EN)

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