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Preheating and Forging

Aluminium Forging - Preheating and Forging
Before forging, a blank is preheated to temperatures typically around 550 °C (932 °F), depending on the alloy used. It is then worked between flat or shaped dies to produce the desired forged product.

Temperature measurement during preheating is important to check the metal is hot enough to forge effectively, to ensure the product quality and material specifications within small tolerances and prevent scrap parts. Additionally, metal which is too cool may adversely affect the dies, since it may harden and be more resistant to the die impact.

The SPOT AL is designed for accurate, reliable temperature measurement of aluminium, with pre-set algorithms specifically developed for forging applications. They provide fast and accurate digital temperature readings of low and variable emissivity aluminium. 

Hot forging can imbue aluminium with some mechanical qualities comparable with steel, while the metal remains easy to manipulate and cut into complex shapes. Accurate temperature measurement supports effective forging that meets required specifications and protects the dies against hardening metal. And improves the product quality.

The SPOT AL is AMETEK Land’s specialist solution for non-contact temperature measurements in aluminium forging applications – Find out by requesting a callback.

Temperature Measurements in Aluminium Production and Processing Industries - Application Note (EN)

AMETEK Land offers multiple solutions for the complex temperature measurement of aluminium. Our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability to ensure accurate performance under plant operating conditions. Read More > Watch the Video >

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