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Rolling Mill

Aluminium Strip Mill - Rolling Mill
Aluminium is reduced to the required uniform thickness at the rolling mill, and any necessary surface finish is applied before coiling. Temperature monitoring is essential to optimise the process, and detect potential mill breakdown problems.

Excessive heat can cause the metal to stick to rolls or other machinery, while cold metal may crack during rolling, so accurate measurements play an important role. Since the surface finish may change during the process, affecting emissivity, these can be difficult to achieve.

The SPOT AL is designed for accurate, reliable temperature measurement of bright or  semi-finished hot alloy strip, with specially developed algorithms dedicated to aluminium strip parameters. The algorithms can be adjusted for different emissivities to ensure a fast, accurate response. 
The compact infrared linescanner sets a new benchmark for process imaging definition, with an industry-leading scanning performance of 1000 data points at up to 150Hz. Measuring across the entire product surface, it detects even the smallest temperature differences, supporting improved process control.
Precise temperature control enables a reduction in re-working and finishing costs, the detection of potential breakdown mill problems, and improved process control. This in turn reduces operating costs and reduces the likelihood of any producing scrap or defective product.

The SPOT AL EQS is AMETEK Land’s specialist solution for non-contact temperature measurements in aluminium rolling mills. To find out more request a call back

Temperature Measurements in Aluminium Production and Processing Industries - Application Note (EN)

AMETEK Land offers multiple solutions for the complex temperature measurement of aluminium. Our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability to ensure accurate performance under plant operating conditions. Read More > Watch the Video >

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