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Induction Heating

Aluminium Other - Induction Heating
This is a fast, reliable and efficient heating application which can be used for many purposes, including forging, mounting, coating, or heat treating. It is important to ensure the metal is heated to a certain temperature window, to ensure the desired properties.

Accurate and fast temperature measurements ensure the control of the heating process and that the metal most efficiently reaches the correct temperature for the next stage of processing, without being damaged or having its physical properties changed to an unwanted degree. It also helps to optimise the amount of energy used to heat the aluminium, reducing waste and energy costs.

The SPOT AL EQS is specifically designed for fast & accurate, reliable temperature measurement of aluminium. It has unique pre-set algorithms that offer a range of measurement modes for a variety of applications, providing accurate digital temperature readings of low, medium, and variable emissivity aluminium. 

The SPOT AL EQS is AMETEK Land’s specialist solution for non-contact temperature measurements in general aluminium applications  – Find out more by requesting a callback.

Temperature Measurements in Aluminium Production and Processing Industries - Application Note (EN)

AMETEK Land offers multiple solutions for the complex temperature measurement of aluminium. Our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability to ensure accurate performance under plant operating conditions. Read More > Watch the Video >

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