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ABT - Aluminium Billet

AMETEK Land Fixed Spot Non-contact Thermometer / Pyrometer - ABT - Aluminium Billet Thermometer
Fast, accurate, non-contact thermometer designed specifically to measure the temperature profile of aluminium billets as they exit the heating furnace, regardless of the billet emissivity or surface condition.
  • Overview +

    ABT is a dedicated Aluminium Billet Thermometer that gives a highly accurate custom measurement for aluminium billet surfaces, providing an accurate temperature profile of the billet as it passes by.

    A major advance in monitoring billet temperature, ABT ensures billet temperature profiles can be determined allowing for better press efficiency. By reducing wear on the die, and improving press efficiency, ABT maximises uptime, prevents wasted billets and avoids unnecessary and costly repairs.

    A reliable, fast-response temperature profile measurement is essential prior to loading the billet into the press. ABT utilizes AMETEK Land’s unique, non-contact emissivity enhancement technology to provide fast, accurate results on all common alloys regardless of surface condition.

    Designed specifically for aluminium production, ABT is optimized for all aspects of the billet process, easily handling changes in alloy type and variations in surface finish.

    A response time of 10ms means no more waiting for the reading to stabilise, cutting delays between measuring billet temperature and loading it into the press – ensuring billet temperature profile is optimised. Results are accurate to better than 5 °C (9 °F).

    Thermocouples limit measurements to 6-8 points along the billet. As well as being mounted for spot measurements, the ABT can be installed to measure the entire length of each billet as it leaves the reheat furnace, providing a complete temperature profile.

    Contact measurements using traditional thermocouples result in metal build-up on tips, which affects accuracy, leading to costly maintenance and downtime. Maintenance for the non-contact ABT is limited to an occasional wipe of the sensing head's durable sapphire window.

    The ABT is AMETEK Land’s dedicated solution for aluminium billet temperature monitoring.

  • Specifications +

    Temperature Range 600 to 1100 °F / 300 to 600 °C
    Averager Response Time Adjustable 5ms to 5s (0 to 95%) 
    Peak picker decay rate
    Adjustable 1.5 to 30% per second 
    Emissivity  Adjustable 0.10 to 1.00 
    Typical accuracy in application  ±9 °F/5 °C 
    Stability (temperature)  0.2°/°ambient 
    Stability (time)  4 °F /2 °C per year 
    Vibration  3G Any axis 10 to 300 Hz 
    Humidity 0 to 99% non condensing 
    Sealing  IP65 
    Ambient Temperature
       Optic Head 330 °F / 165 °C 
       Lightguide 392 °F / 200 °C 
       Electronics Unit:
       Specified 32 to 122 °F / 0 to 50 °C 
       Operating 14 to 140 °F / -10 to 60 °C 
    EN50-082-2 (immunity) 
    EN 50-081-1 (emission) 
    IEC 1010 (safety) 
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