AMETEK Land Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Millwatch Carbon Monoxide Detector
An advanced carbon monoxide detector designed to provide early warning of spontaneous combustion in pulverisers for coal and biomass.
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    Specifically designed for early detection of potential fire risk in pulverizing mills in coal or biomass processes, Millwatch monitors and quickly responds to sudden carbon monoxide (CO) build-up, allowing preventative action to be taken before a hazardous condition develops.

    Using AMETEK Land’s unique detection system, Millwatch provides continuous, accurate monitoring of CO levels – improving process safety, protecting expensive mill equipment, and preventing costly downtime from unnecessary shutdowns.

    Millwatch continuously extracts sample gases from the mill outlet for a constant, dual-sensor CO measurement. Customisable alarms adapt to individual plant process conditions, while automatic calibration ensures high measurement integrity is maintained 24/7.

    Specifically designed for power generation operators who need to improve process safety in mills and pulverisers using coal and biomass fuels, Millwatch ensures the protection of people, plant and process.

    Millwatch has been proven in dozens of applications worldwide, providing enhanced safety and continuous monitoring. The detector’s extractive dual sensor system allows very high stability and automatic detection of calibration drift.

    Millwatch features truly continuous measurement with no multiplexing. The fast response (T90 typically < 50 seconds) to increases in CO levels provides early warning to the operator, enabling prevention of plant damage and personnel injury.

    To ensure maximum lifetime and reliability of the detector, the mill probe uses a large area stainless steel filter and a hardened abrasion shield. Blowback keeps this filter clear, ensuring minimum downtime. Freeze-protected sample lines are available for outdoor applications.

    Millwatch is AMETEK Land’s carbon monoxide detector for detection of early-stage combustion in biomass and coal mills. 
  • Specifications +

    Measurement Range
       CO Measurement Ranges 0-100 up to 2000 ppm in 50 ppm steps
       Resolution   1 ppm / 1 mg/m3
       Optional O2 Ranges 0 - 5 % to 0 - 25 %
       Calibration Method Automatic 2-point calibration span and zero 
    User Interface
       Type LCD with backlight 4 x 20 character, 8 access keys
       Analog Output 4 to 20 mA isolated current loop for each CO & O2 measurement
       Relay Outputs 2 x Level Alarms; System OK; Calibration/Maintenance
       Relating Rating Isolated changeover (Type C) 1 A @ 240 V a.c. or 5 A @ 240 V d.c.
       System Enclosure Painted steel, sealed IP65 / NEMA 4
       Ambient Temperature 0 to 45 °C / 32 to 113 °F standard;
    to -20 °C / -4 °F with optional case heater;
    to 50 °C / 122 °F with optional vortex cooler
       EMC Conforms to EN-50 081 & EN-50 082
       Electrical Safety Conforms to EN-61010-2
       Power Supply 100 - 120 V a.c. or 190 to 240 V a.c., 50-60 Hz, 300 VA
    Gas and Air Requirements
       Instrument Air (cooling) 5 - 10 bar / 70 - 150 psi clean and dry, 300 l/min/10.5 cfm
       Calibration Gas 100 ppm to 500 ppm CO, balance N2 recommended
    2 bar / 30 psi
    20 litres (0.7 cu.ft.) per calibration approx.
       Size (H x W x D) 600 x 600 x 350 mm / 24 x 24 x 14 in.
       Weight  53 kg . 117 lb.
       Options  Twin Stream CO
    System Sample Probe and Lines
    Heating / Cooling
    Z-purge for hazardous area operation
    Oxygen measurement (Single Stream only)
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      Our application-specific Millwatch CO monitor is recommended as the ideal solution for early warning of spontaneous combustion in coal and biomass mills.

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