Webinar now available on demand - Strengthening Plant Safety in Coal and Biomass Handling, Storage, Milling and Transportation

Monday, October 1, 2018

In this webinar, AMETEK Land introduces early detection techniques of spontaneous combustion in coal and biomass handling, storage, milling and transportation. Attendees will learn about issues involved and how AMETEK Land can help producers and users to operate their sites more safely and effectively.

Risks of unwanted combustion – potentially causing injury, damage and downtime – occur everywhere that coal and biomass are handled, processed or stored. Safe handling practices are designed to ensure that the fuel remains intact throughout its journey. As coal and biomass fuels are susceptible to spontaneous combustion, and this can occur at any stage of storage, production or transport, continuous and reliable monitoring is required. Early detection of combustion or hot spots is an important safety control.

AMETEK Land offers a full range of detection options for every stage of the combustion process. Technologies include infrared thermal imaging, infrared line scanning and carbon monoxide detection. This range of options allows the most appropriate measurement to be used, depending on the location and nature of risk. The solutions significantly reduce the fire risks to personnel and equipment.